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Timekeeping issues account for the majority of audit findings by the DCAA. Failure to meet DCAA requirements can result in delayed payment and refusal of future contract awards.

DCAA requires records with supporting documentation showing that all hours worked for all employees (direct and indirect) are recorded.

Specific requirements appear in DCAA Contract Audit Manual Chapter 5 (para 5-908 &909)

Especially important:

• Daily recording of time by identifiable job assignments.
• An audit trail for any and all changes to timesheets.
• Supervisor review and approval of all time charges.
• Reconciliation between all such labor charges and the total labor distribution.
• Labor Distribution review and evaluation.
• Discreet job assignment related to specific individuals.
• Employee review and sign-off of all charges.

For more information see Federal Acquisition Regulations, FAR 31.201-2(d) and FAR 52.222-8